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Telemetry (i.e. automatic crash reporting)

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Telemetry (i.e. automatic crash reporting) Empty Telemetry (i.e. automatic crash reporting)

Post by zbx1425 Tue Aug 03, 2021 11:57 am

Telemetry always raise concerns in open-source communities, but I think OpenBVE is really in need for some automatic crash reporting functionalities.
Mr.leezer3 is devoting his precious personal time into this project which mainly maintained by only himself. This means a serious lack of testers, and bug discoveries rely heavily on player reports.
The problem is most players won't fill out a report when they experience a crash. I've always seen player staying at a very legacy version, and complaining about "the new version crashes at xxx" when asked about why. Language barriers and simply "not wanting to go through the hassle" prevents many crashes from getting known.
OpenBVE is mostly stable at this stage, but due to the variations of platforms and circumstances, crashes still do happen sometimes. If all crash reports and logs can be collected, it would help solving them faster.
It is true that it won't help with the bugs in-game, but crashes can still be addressed. And if it's only the stack trace and logs that are getting uploaded, no major privacy concern is involved.
There are platforms such as, which is free and very easy to set up. An option to disable the telemetry can be added in the installer or game settings.

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Telemetry (i.e. automatic crash reporting) Empty Re: Telemetry (i.e. automatic crash reporting)

Post by leezer3 Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:59 pm

Absolutely not under any circumstances.

The current bug report dialog can probably be improved slightly (popup if the last run crashed perhaps), but this is a very deep and nasty can of worms I'm going nowhere near.


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