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openBVE Downloads & Current Development Status

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openBVE Downloads & Current Development Status Empty openBVE Downloads & Current Development Status

Post by leezer3 Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:00 pm

Stable Builds:

The final build 'officially' released by Odakyufan was openBVE 1.4.3
Whilst the original site is no longer available, this is available from many places, including:

This version is also available from the Ubuntu/ Debian package repositories.
Note: The Debian/ Ubuntu supplied version is broken on many system configurations.

Development Builds:

I along with various others are now actively developing and improving the main openBVE source code.
Please see the topic titled 'Development Builds: Changes' for more details on what has been done Smile

Automatically generated nightly builds are available from this address:

Full source code is available for these builds from:


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