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Post by Dexter Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:33 am

Hello everyone,

please take a minute or two to read through these forum rules. We hope that complying with these rules will make BVE WorldWide a good place for discussions and meeting with other people, who are also interested in this railway simulation game. Try to be nice even if it might be difficult at times; if you don't have anything nice or at least reasonable to say, simply stay quiet.
A) Forum language
  • BVE Worldwide is an English-speaking forum. Please take that into account before posting.
  • BVE WorldWide prefers literary English (no acronyms such as "m8" etc.)
  • If you are not a native speaker, please use a translating service (Google) to translate your post into English.
B) Posts format and content
     Unacceptable (such posts might be deleted without further notice):
  • Obscene and / or rude language, verbal abuse towards other members of the forum.
  • Inappropriate (sexual, violent) images and graphics.
  • Spam, scam and advertising commercial products.
  • Racism and xenophobia.
  • Promoting illegal or otherwise unethical practices.
  • Unproven copyright infringement claims.
  • Posting duplicate information.
  • Bumping up old topics for no apparent reason.
  • Usage of the "report" button instead of verbal scolding in case you encounter a post not matching the above criteria.
  • Usage of punctuation and paragraphs to make your posts easier for reading.
  • Usage of block alignment to make your post look better.
  • Crediting the original website if posting news from elsewhere.
  • Following the guidelines for add-on publishing (in preparation).
C) Copyrights / material requests
  • All authors are to be respected in terms of their copyright policy.
  • If you suspect a copyright breach caused by a user of the BVE WW forum, please report that user to our staff. Evidence will be required.
  • BVE WorldWide does not encourage asking for material, however, understands some material is extinct on the Internet.
  • Old arguments from other discussion boards are not to be transferred here.
  • Please check the guidelines for add-on publishing (in preparation).
D) Forum staff
  • Administrators: Dexter, Quork
  • Moderators: leezer3, Northern Line
  • Please feel free to contact the forum staff vi private messaging if you experience any difficulties or if you need an advice
Please also make sure you comply with the terms and conditions you have agreed to upon your registration to this board. Thank you for reading the forum rules and enjoy your stay! Smile

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