BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.7.0

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BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.7.0

Post by leezer3 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:30 pm

Version of the Plymouth Route is now up on my site- This represents the dangerous achievement of a third major release within a year Shocked
Changes for this version:
* Trackwork & scenery redone between Devonport & Keyham. (1.7km)
* Completely scratch-built bus models for the CityBus & Western National single deckers.
* Some small tweaks & visual improvements to the scenery between Plymouth & Devonport, particularly around The Elms road bridge.
* 1980s era nameboards redone in much better quality.
* Small revisions to various miscellaneous textures. (Removing odd reflections, innapropriate bits etc)
* Correct gradients added upto Keyham.
* New models for the Liskeard & Royal Albert Bridge signal boxes.
* Adjustments made to the stop positioning at all stations, to ensure optimum realism & signal visibility.
* AWS magnet positions adjusted, and magnets fitted to track #2 upto Keyham.

Work is still very much ongoing after Keyham, but ~25% of the route is now at a decent modern standard!


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