BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.6.0

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BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.6.0

Post by leezer3 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:26 am

So, finally another release!
Version of the Plymouth Route introduces a *major* refurbishment of the track between Plymouth and Devonport, and massive texture upgrades for many existing objects to boot.
As well as this refurbishment, I've introduced a starting position in the bay (Gunnislake & Liskeard) platform, and extended all the other routefiles back to start at Laira Junction.

You'll also note that the signalling is much more accurate throughout the refurbished section, and that the lower quadrant signals have also had a detail upgrade.
A few quick screenshots for you:

The new bay platform at Plymouth in use.

An upgraded Class 37 & wagons.

The 81xx.

* Various minor fixes.
* Trackwork and scenery redone between Plymouth & Devonport.
* The bay (Gunnislake/ Liskeard) platform is now available as a starting location.
* The Laira Junction mainline is now available as a starting location.
* Various small improvements to the buildings around Laira Junction.
* Code modularised & restructured upto and including Devonport.
* Reduced the number of duplicated similar internal textures. (Mostly caused by the endless rebuilding works Smile )

For the best effect, I'd very much reccomend running this route at the maximum resolution that your computer will allow with AA & AF enabled in the options.
As a quick guide, I'm reccomending a dual-core PC with at least 2gb of RAM and a dedicated graphics card to get the best out of the refurbished sections.

The default trains have also changed (again!) for this release, and now are:
The OpenBVE HST, the Open BVE Class 37, and the OpenBVE BR Blue & BR Green Class 104 DMUs. All of these are available from BVETMD:
BVE Cornwall's 81xx is also set as a default train for one routefile, although sadly I haven't quite finished it yet!
You'll find the finished external object parked in a couple of places as a sneak preview, and hopefully you'll be able to see why it's caused this release to be the better part of a year late Smile

As a final note, I'm planning to release a further update reasonably soon taking the refurbishment as far as Keyham.
Believe it or not, this is a much easier stretch of track to redo- Far less pointwork to worry about! I've also built a lot of the base objects needed for this one, which will make the job much easier in the long run.

Downloads etc. at my site Smile


Chris Lees


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the plymouth route

Post by mobile1 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:21 pm

Hi Chris, i was unable to download the new route file, tried several times. the download kept reporting ..command line argument error...hope this helps..regards mobile1...

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Re: BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.6.0

Post by thehoviskid on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:00 pm

That 81XX looks like a real labour of love. I was surprised how little it killed my laptop (which is rubbish).

Not so sure about the front of that DMU- what's the object intended to be?

That front's a 104, cracking, they were.

In that part of the world, i think you'd have got a 118 (a little like a 117, but built by BRCW, mostly worked of Bristol/Pymouth rather than at the London end of things, and the sides look right for that.

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Re: BVE Cornwall: The Plymouth Route V1.1.6.0

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