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Websites worth a look

-> General information & service

Open BVE Project Homepage

This is the main webpage, where the simulator development takes placer. In case you need to look for any kind of documentation, check for program updates, or download the developer tools, this is the right place to go to.

BVE Trainsim Homepage

Home of the original BVE simulator with all versions of BVE Trainsim, created by Mr. Mackoy. This site is unfortunately in Japanese only, but free online translation services, such as Google Translate, will help you find what you need.

open BVE Routes Overview

An overview of openBVE and BVE routes created by an enthusiast. If you are searching for some route, try here. Author is present on the forum as: fcancalon

open BVE Rolling Stock Overview

The same website also has a section dedicated to available rolling stock; it is basically worth going through all the sections. Author is present on the forum as: fcancalon

-> Developer's homes

Graymac's Celtic Trainsim

Graymac's website with beautiful Irish and Welsh routes and also Irish rolling stock. The author is very active on the openBVE scene, still releasing new add ons.

Chris Lees' BVE Cornwall

Home of a well-known UK developer Chris Lees. Some very interesting projects are in progress; for example a steam locomotive. Chris is developing the simulator program further.

Dexter's Brno BVE Website

BrnoBVE Website. Home of the First Brno Track and Czech animated trains. The website also contains a few developing tools, free objects and a photo gallery of locos.

Steve's BVE4 Trains

Website of a very talented developer Steve Thomas. His HQ trains are a must to have for your rolling stock. Make sure to pay Steve a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Anthony Bowden's Railsimroutes

Home of the well-known Anthony Bowden's work. Contains highly realistic and detailed stuff for openBVE, formulas for animations and much more.

BVE Centrail Region

Home of the Island line, Great Western route and a fictional tram network. An active website with works currently in progress, hopefully we can expect more routes.

BVE Klub Hungary

This Hungarian website has got many contributors. The site is very active and provides quality content; routes, objects and helpful tools included.

BVE Virginia Website

BVE Virginia website. This is the homepage of the Blueridge route and all corresponding trains. The website appears inactive at the moment, no news in a while.

Manuel's High Speed Trains

Manuel's openBVE website, which focuses on high-speed trains from around the globe. If you are a fan of really fast trains, this will be your choice.

London BVE Tube

This website provides a regularly updated database of London-based openBVE tube routes. If you are an underground enthusiast, this might be the signpost for you.

BVE Fans Italy

Website of italian BVE fans. It contains some very nice Italian trains and routes. Definitely worth a try. Italian and English language.

Luigi Cartello's Website

Website of Luigi Cartello. It contains valuable information on object, route and train building. If you are an aspiring add-on developer, take a look at this site. Italian and English language.

BVE Brasil

Brasilian BVE site with trains and routes to download. The team has recently announced a "return" to production, so hopefully they will come up with new addons as well.

BVE Club Mexico

Mexican BVE website with a few works ready for donload. Surprisingly it contains not only Mexican add ons, but also some from other parts of the world.

BVE Barcelona

This website comes, as the name suggests, from Spain. It mainly focuses on Barcelona tube with two lines available for download. New updates have recently been promised...

-> Other Forums

BVE Station Forums

Large BVE forums from behind the ocean, that is BVE Station. Mostly focused on US addons and subways, provides downloads and also some tips for beginners.

-> Useful sites

Lunapic Imaging Service

A brilliant online service to edit your pictures. If you cannot afford expensive software such as Photoshop to process your textures, try this website. It is free and provides many features.

Audacity Sound Processor

Audacity is an open-source, cross-platform program that allows you to record, edit and mix sounds. It can be useful for recording station announcements etc. Offers adding effects, too.

Last updated August 2nd, 2018