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New Motor Sound Method

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New Motor Sound Method Empty New Motor Sound Method

Post by Rakago Fri Jan 05, 2024 2:27 pm

Already pitched this in github, I'm reposting to see the forum's thoughts on this.

What if, instead of using individual motor sounds and text files to manage phases and pitch, we just used an audio file for the entire sound, and make it sync with the speed of the train? Other games use this, like Codemasters' DiRT series, instead of using a low/medium/high RPM audio for their engine sounds, they just use an audio sample of the engine slowly revving up/down and sync it with the RPM in game.

Here's a video I made demonstrating this method:

What do you think? Could we see this method be applied to motor sounds in OpenBVE? It would definitely remove some limitations and would make trains with complex sounds easier to make.

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