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Train sounds ideas

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Train sounds ideas Empty Train sounds ideas

Post by jpnmtrmn93 Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:01 pm

I have a few ideas for train sounds.

One thing I noticed is that the pitch of the track sounds (run, point, flange, and rub sounds) change in their respective ways with speed. I think the tempo of the run sounds, point sounds, and flange sounds should change, and the rub sounds should either stay constant or have the option to change if for some trains they do.

For consists of a locomotive and passenger trailers, track sounds and possibly the break sounds should be different. It sounds weird having trailer run sounds for the locomotive or vice-versa.

And finally, there should be an option in the train.dat file for choosing which cars are motor cars and which cars are trailer cars, so that the sounds are assigned accordingly. There is the value for FrontCarIsAMotorCar, but choosing for all the cars would provide more flexibility.


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