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NEW: Route Loading Plugin (Testers Please!)

Marc Riera
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NEW: Route Loading Plugin (Testers Please!) - Page 2 Empty Re: NEW: Route Loading Plugin (Testers Please!)

Post by leezer3 Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:34 am

zbx1425 wrote:A little bit of idea, does it sound reasonable for a route to specify additional plugins to be loaded?

The current method of loading all dlls in the Data/Plugin folder is very flexible as it enables easy extension. However, since the Data/Plugin folder is a part of the installation, one cannot add a plugin without having to use admin right or root privilege, which makes it hard for route developers to make use of the extendable design.

For instance, maybe we can search and load plugin dlls from the folder the route file is in, or add a command in the route file to load a plugin. That will enable route developers to extend the functionality without having to tell the players to get root privilege and manually place a dll file somewhere deep in the file system.

A better idea is probably to allow a specific plugin package type & search the folder these are installed in.

At the minute though, I haven't got as far as thinking about that too hard; I'm trying to work out the issues caused by creating the interface first Smile


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