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Variables and other suggestions

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Variables and other suggestions Empty Variables and other suggestions

Post by NYCT_Railer Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:56 pm

Hello! a few of my suggestions include: to have a variable that returns the index of the Terminal Station to be used in trains, apart from nextStation & nextStationStop , I consider this will be very useful and can minimize the amount of coding necessary for a function,as well as others mentioned below... maybe:

TerminalStation: returns the index of the terminal station
distanceTerminalStation: returns the distance (in m) to the Terminal Station

PrevStation: returns the index of the previous station
PrevStationStop: returns the index of the previous stop station

StopsStations[Range,RangeEnd]: wether it stops at stations with indexes included in the range

Also, unrelated to the above variables, other useful variables include:

previousObject: returns the state of the previous object section
nextObject: returns the state of the next object section

Apart from variables, I think having a 2-stage door closure would be pretty cool, like having first 5 cars close first and then if the door close button is pressed again, have the other 5 be closed. This could be an option in the menu or even in the Train.dat, like:

doormode: 0 for 1 stage door close(closes all doors at the same time), 1 for 2 stage door close(first 5 cars then last 5 cars)

along with this variable to complement it (to be used by trains):

doormode: 0 if 1 stage door close is on, 1 if 2 stage door close is on

I think that's about it for now, hopefully I can get considered! Very Happy

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