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Animated Camera Variable + Sound Suggestions

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Animated Camera Variable + Sound Suggestions Empty Animated Camera Variable + Sound Suggestions

Post by Tony515 Sun Dec 13, 2020 5:13 pm

Currently, there aren't many camera variables for .animated objects - only cameraDistance and cameraMode - which greatly limit possibilities of camera-triggered events. So, I propose 3 new straight-forward camera variables: cameraXDistance, cameraYDistance, and cameraZDistance. These variables are self-explanatory - they would allow you to define a rectangular space in relation to the object's position (and possibly rotation) and would allow for much more realistic physical (and sound) events. The possibilities would be endless.

P.S.: This would be an awesome addition especially when moving .animated objects (including those on trains) can play sound... because as of now, .animated sound is limited to static, non-moving objects and the [Sound] and [StateChangeSound] sections are just ignored on moving objects :/
But seriously, .animated sound has endless potential, and can even replace the traditional train.dat/xml sound systems AND be way more accurate and realistic (and even have distinction between the interior and exterior if the camera variables are applied).
If you don't believe me, take a look at this proof-of-concept:

Seriously! Endless! All sounds in this video (except the horn) have been implemented with .animated [Sound] and [StateChangeSound] sections!
[*Credits to 1960s-1970s Lover for the model, all sounds and some aspects have been done by me]

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Animated Camera Variable + Sound Suggestions Empty Re: Animated Camera Variable + Sound Suggestions

Post by leezer3 Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:06 pm

Camera distances are dead easy Smile

Implemented as suggested, CameraXDistance, CameraYDistance and CameraZDistance

Moving objects with sound is somewhat more complex, and not really in scope at the minute.

Have you considered a TFO instead?
This would I think do most of what you're asking for. The last release build has even added a horn trigger for AI trains Wink


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