OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America)

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OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Empty OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America)

Post by fcancalon on Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:21 pm

The Latin American BVE developers are quite active in the OpenBVE world.
Only one (minor) issue: all the productions appear on a collection of blogs and websites. 

Let us therefore summarize what has been produced:

- here: 
you will find Mexican tram rolling stock... including one tram for Manila (Philippines).

- here:
you will find Mexico metro rolling stock... and one Spanish CAF 447 suburban train.

- here:
you will find as well Mexico metro rolling stock and 3 Mexico metro routes (10, 11, 14).

- here:
you will find Mexican railway rolling stock.

- here: 
you will find Hmmsim routes and rolling stock .
The routes includes Mexico metro routes A, B and 9.

Mexico Metro Route B (the rolling stock is looking a bit Parisian on the pic Very Happy)
OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Screenshot_2018-12-06-19-42-57

Mexico Metro Route 9:
OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Screenshot_2019-03-15-11-50-37

- here:
you will find metro rolling stock for Medellin (Colombia) and Buenos Aires.

A lot of rolling stock has also been developed for other continents:

- here: 
you will find a collection of 'ready-made' long-distance trains for different European countries (European Union, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary)

- here:
you will find a collection of 'ready-made' CIWL (Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits) trains for Europe (but a train for Japan is provided as well)

OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Sin%2Bt%25C3%25ADtulo4

- here:
you will a collection of trains for Spain, including the Talgo IV pendular and the Andalucia Pullman Express:

OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Sin%2Bt%25C3%25ADtulo
(by the way, the language in Andalucia is Spanish, but the train is highly detailed)

More trains are available here:

Back to Mexico, no railway routes are available at this stage, but the railway rolling stock can be tested on some US routes, including the desert route.

Please note that some of the trains are of very high quality, which can have an impact on the BVE fps ratio.

Thanks again (muchas gracias) to the mainly Mexican / Venezuelan team.


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OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America) Empty Re: OpenBVE in Mexico (and Latin America)

Post by Manuel18 on Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:15 pm

Thanks. At the case of my Country i had to "erase" the content of Venezuela due to government pressure. 

This is pure politic theme. But i must admit there are a certain pressures unnecesary.

My add ons was considered as a "Too risk for the country" even without a plugin or interface well developed to simulate a real train driving.

I must wait to thinks keep calm for a while, but on Venezuela everything can happen these days.

Also i'm considering a tiny donation with an access of all openBVE content.

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