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Some objs not loaded correctly

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Some objs not loaded correctly Empty Some objs not loaded correctly

Post by zbx1425 Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:01 pm

These two objects seems to have an erratic result when viewing them in the Object Viewer.
The first one have a problem with UV mapping. It must be the problem of openBVE's obj parser code, because the model worked fine in other modelling softwares, and a converted version to CSV also works fine.
Also there is a little creepy strange white face in the model. It hasn't appeared when modelling in Cinema4D(my choice of modelling software), but after exporting to Obj it appeared. I don't know why.
The second one is the model I asked last time. Chris said it would work but it simply doesn't. The materials seem to be loaded incorrectly and the faces went completely black. A converted version to CSV is also included because there seems to be some problem with depth sorting or something else causing the faces to be "blinking", that is, faces close to camera disappearing randomly.

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Some objs not loaded correctly Empty Re: Some objs not loaded correctly

Post by leezer3 Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:33 pm

Arrgh Razz

The mesh worked just fine after fixing, but not the textures. Offset indexing again....
This makes the textures work correctly as well hopefully.

The depth-sorting issue is due to the fact that you're using PNG images with an alpha channel, as well as having Z-fighting in some of your vertices.

This is a larger issue in general within the rendering engine.
Setting your transparency quality to Smooth and using full AA  and AF will help, but you really need to eliminate the Z-fighting vertices.
There's still something a little glitchy in the doors which I need to track down, but overall this should help.


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