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Add on updates Empty Add on updates

Post by Greater Anglia Metro Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:41 pm

I thought it would be good to begin a discussion regarding add on updates.

At the moment, there is no way an end user knows an update is available without checking a forum and manually downloading and installing it.

Maybe something could be added to enable update notifications in the game?

The issue I can see would be the same as the managed content in the past, that when the server goes offline, everything is lost.

My thinking is that maybe within the package file there can be a URL to a file on a server, that simply contains one line with the current available version, and another line with a URL to the download page. When a user opens the program there can be some sort of notification of any available updates. (Think App Store/Google Play Store)

Going further, the dev could use the server side file to tell the program how often to check to reduce bandwidth for files that will not/are unlikely to be updated and potentially make the checks more frequent on a file with an update due soon.

What are peoples thoughts? We really are going in the right direction with package management, I think something like this will go nicely with it.
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