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General Motors Class 201 updated Empty General Motors Class 201 updated

Post by graymac on 2017-02-18, 02:22

General Motors Class 201 updated 16797998_1284436848312880_5646433049753954094_o

I've rehashed the 201 locos with an added improved version.
It began with looking at the ones I originally made about six years ago, and it was quickly obvious a rebuild would be needed.
Back then I used a lot of transparency on adjacent sides, and you can see it with the "bitmap jaggies"!!
So, some higher res side textures, mostly from 223 which I shot a fortnight ago in Athlone.
Package now on the website to download. Replaces previous 201 train folder. Old 213 and 224 still there, an extra loco, 223 is added.

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