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BVE File converter Empty BVE File converter

Post by ap1991 Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:33 am

I have uploaded the BVE File Converter to my site, it's a handy little program that converts between B3D and CSV, moves, scales and mirrors objects, this is a program I've had for about 8 years, I'm not sure who created it or where it was originally from, if any of you have any idea, please let me know so I can credit the original author, thanks!


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BVE File converter Empty Re: BVE File converter

Post by leezer3 Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:03 pm

The author of that one would be Sanford Mace (smace)
His site was on Geocities until they went down.

This was originally posted on the boards, and I think it's in their file library and the UKTS library too.

Remind me at the start of next week if I haven't (On holiday, so haven't got the main tools library here), and I'll post up the last beta of this (You've got the release V2 there),  which lets you scale objects independantly on a per-axis basis.



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