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Bve Western Region

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Bve Western Region Empty Bve Western Region

Post by Ad1992 Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:36 am

It has been a while since anything has been said about any of our bve routes so I thought I would just make an announcement.

There is a current wip route being worked on at present. I also have a brand new demo in the works; which will in turn lead to a new full route, after the conclusion of the current wip.

I also intend to finish the central line and upgrade the way parts of it are written, in hope that I can reduce a huge amount of the lag.
I have a few ideas on where it is coming from. On top of that the ATP isn't entirely finished, this will be finished in the next release, along with some more bells and whistles for the train. Wink

In the mean time, I hope those that are still driving the central and W and c continue to enjoy doing so. Smile

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