LUL Aldwych Branch Optimised for OpenBVE

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LUL Aldwych Branch Optimised for OpenBVE

Post by theflyingoreo on Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:14 am

Now released is the LUL Aldwych branch which has been fixed to run perfectly in OpenBVE.

Thanks to Stephen Cross for his assistance with the track and for adding new track textures and Kelvin from BRT for giving the whole project the go ahead.

Just extract to the desktop and copy the Railway folder into your main directory. Installs as a separate route so if you want to keep the BVE4 one you still can.

Make sure you have the original BVE4 version anyway as this route references the sound folder to save download space. Note the default train has not been altered or included in this download.

Any problems post in the support area.



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