NRT development

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NRT development

Post by mrknowitall on Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:16 pm

So i decided the other day that there is something missing from OpenBVE which is a big let down. There are no trains designed to be used by Network Rail. So i have decided in my spare time i will create as many NR track trains as possible.

things like

Rail Head Treatment Trains (RHTTs).

large on-track plant (OTP)

And also ask authors to create one NRT route on there routes, If not its easy to run in a normal scenario anyway.

Ill animate things such as;

1. Weed killer on RHTT's
2. Water spray on RHTT's
3. Ballast laying on OTP's
4. Ballast blowers (animation on side protection covers to wobble)
4. Track imaging on HST NRT

The last one is being testing at the moment as i am animating sleeper laying and sleeper laying vehicle's animation like picking up from the hoppers, transporting on the SLT ( sleeper laying train) to where its positioned. Im also working on the ghost trains which are used by the BTP ( British Transport Police ) at night with powerful lights so check line side equipment and cables.

Should be fun and exiting Very Happy

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Re: NRT development

Post by theflyingoreo on Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:22 pm

Fun and exciting indeed.

I'm all for the RHTT!


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