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Regarding the recent events - official statement

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Regarding the recent events - official statement Empty Regarding the recent events - official statement

Post by Dexter Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:54 pm

Management wishes to remind all users that this forum board (BVEWW), in accordance with rules already in place, will neither encourage or tolerate any abusive posts aimed at other users on this or any other forum. In particular, postings referring to events of the past which have been the subject of unproductive and quarrelsome arguments will be subject to removal if they contain accusations of improper conduct of any kind. Board policy is to promote positive communication, help and advice to all who request it - NOT to allow the board to be used as a channel for airing personal vendettas and grievances.

If you feel like you need some further information or explanation, please refer to admin via pm.

Thank you!

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