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Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line.

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Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line. Empty Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line.

Post by Guest Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:25 am

I won't bother writing what I'm going to say entirely in Chinese because 1) I'm tired right now having made little fixtures, overnight; and 2) I am inadequate at translating anything just to make you understand. Therefore 3) If you require a translation of the following, you may have to wait until another member is willing to do so: This is only for the chinese forum Simulation of Transport Organisation, where I posted there too. Someone did eventually translate the whole thing to them. ;-)

Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line. 1308201540918765d0f5114498
Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line. 13082015401cd35ac9b219ac71
Stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version of Disneyland Resort Line. 13082015406250a644f2c3e632

This is the stable (unfinished) re-uploaded version for openBVE of the Disneyland Resort Line towards Sunny Bay; the route is clear of all outstanding errors from the original version which was written by bvedrl, those errors included careless spelling mistakes, invalid values, as well as transparency errors noticeable along the route. Although you may notice several visional conflicts, needless to say they're merely unfinished areas.

To re-cap on the changes that joeyfjj and I made, joeyfjj added brightness changes, end-of-tunnel lighting effect, a new 50m wide 'ground flooring', a passing train object standing at the Turn Back Siding, and changes to the atc speed limit in the double section; and I added a basic structure of Disneyland Station* (as of this version), including a new bridge and promenade, and a basic exterior of the DRL M-Stock (which was brought from the object folder of the old Tung Chung Line route); but the most difficult of all was to extend the entire route by 300 metres before the start, to allow the Disneyland Station 'siding' and of course Disneyland Station to be built, this took me nearly a day to calculate all the route positions and add them by 300m.

Should admins or anyone involved in making this route, including bvedrl and bvetcl, dispute the release of this version need not hesitate to PM me, thank you and enjoy.

*To whom may be interested in further developing this route, you may notice I have added an English message along the 'promenade', encouraging you to make use of the recent videos that I uploaded, to assist development of Disneyland Station. Click here, here and here view the videos. The only other contribution I made to the Disneyland Resort Line, is a miscellaneous Transport Information Kiosk object, which you may download here.

Timestamp 8:40AM BST. Ps: 又快到我生日呀,你哋仲唔送俾我啲oB禮物??#Surprised)#


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