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Virgin loses the West Coast franchise.....

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Post by kwijiboenator Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:05 am

Actually, in Yorkshire TPX has in some areas pushed fares up a little too high. Don't get me wrong, the service is good - it's always on time, the trains are clean - and actually around here, they do couple two 185's between York and Manchester during the peak - but First run that with Keolis, and without them I think we'd have new trains, but a late and more overcrowded service, based upon how they've run not just one, but many of their franchises - including First Great Western.

But as you said Hoviskid, it does cost a bit from Manchester to London as well at times - but no more than East Coast from Leeds to KX really. Closer destinations are more competitive, such as Coventry to London - £22 off peak - and that's mainly because LM compete directly with them - as with Manchester - Glasgow where there is competition between Virgin and TPX.

Another thing to bear in mind though, is that you are currently able to travel from Aberdeen to Penzance JUST on First services alone - First Scotrail from Aberdeen to Glasgow, Transpennine Express from there to Manchester, Transpennine from Manchester to Hull, First Hull Trains from Hull to London, then walking or - first bus - to Paddington, where you catch a First Great Western service. Of course, with First West Coast, that journey would be easier - as this journey currently has a few detours!

They may very well loose the Great Western franchise in 2013 anyway - but still - it makes you consider the monopoly they have here - but also that they took over Hull Trains - and that makes me wonder why Virgin isn't considering taking over an open access rail route? Surely it would be better to have less impact on his staff? That way, at least they can't have their operation simply taken away from them - and they would be able to offer a competitive rail service against First group!

Had it not been for the competition protection and more Open Access were running, I think they would have somebody to compete with which would mean lower ticket prices.


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