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BVE Worldwide Guide and Help

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BVE Worldwide Guide and Help Empty BVE Worldwide Guide and Help

Post by Dexter Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:11 pm

BVE Worldwide user guidelines

BVE Worldwide is a new place on the BVE scene, which was established in order to provide space for people to talk not only about the simulator, but also about the real trains and railways. It should give an opportunity to anyone to have his say; as long as the opinion is worded in an acceptable way and does not offend anyone. Please refer to the FORUM RULES for further explanation. This topic should answer your questions on the forum properties and give you an advice if something goes wrong and the admin (or in future possibly a mod) are not around. Let’s start.

1) Security
… should always be in the first place. Therefore, it is advised that you NEVER share your password with anyone, even if he/she is your best friend. The ideal option in also to not store your password in your computer; if you need to write it somewhere, use some piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.
Security breach is a matter of seconds and it is always hard to prove that you did/did not say something about someone else.
- If you feel your password might have been revealed by someone else, the correct procedure is to write an email to the admin and request password reseting. PMs won’t be accepted for this kind of request, the reason should be obvious. The email has to arrive from your registration email address on BVE Worldwide.
- It is recommended to change your password from time to time.

2) Forum ideology
- The idea for establishing these forums was to provide a new place for people to chat not only about BVE, but also about trains in general. I am very well aware that there are problems in the community and I think it is needed to establish calmness once again and stop the fights that are ruining the community.
- The door of the forum is opened for everyone as far as he/she is willing to act according to the forum rules.
- I have read a few on one hand ridiculous and on the ather hand a bit disgusting and accusatory comments about some members of the community. This sort of behavior is a bit enigmatic to me and won't be tolerated within this forum.

3) Your profile
… allows you to administrate your account. You can set up your personal data, your signature, manage your attachments and avatar. One of the possibilities is also inviting other users to be friends with you / marking them being your foes. I sincerely hope that the second of the two options will be of no use. Check out your profile from time to time, a request for becoming someone’s friend might be waiting for you.
- Being BVE Worldwide, the forum allows you to pick from a large variety of languages, meaning that you can have the forum controls written in your mother language. However, the language of your contribution should be English, as this language is most commonly taught at schools as a second language.

Should you have any question or valuable addition to this basic explanation of forum usage, feel free to pm me. Your question along with the answer might find its place here.

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