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Speed limit signs with .animated file

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Speed limit signs with .animated file Empty Speed limit signs with .animated file

Post by dst Tue Jul 02, 2024 9:39 pm


I am completely new to openBVE but already love it. I have been tinkering with writing my own routes for a bit now and it is such a joy and simple enough to get something going.

I thought I’d be smart by creating an .animated file:
Position = 0, 0, -0.01

States = speed_00.b3d, speed_05.b3d, speed_10.b3d, speed_15.b3d, speed_20.b3d, speed_25.b3d, speed_30.b3d, speed_35.b3d, speed_40.b3d, speed_45.b3d, speed_50.b3d, speed_55.b3d, speed_60.b3d, speed_65.b3d, speed_70.b3d, speed_75.b3d, speed_80.b3d, speed_85.b3d, speed_90.b3d, speed_95.b3d, speed_100.b3d, speed_110.b3d, speed_120.b3d
StateFunction = routeLimit / 5
Position = 0, 0, 0

Which I can then load as a FreeObj:
Structure.FreeObj(100) (speed.animated)

And use on the line:
With Track
2849,   .Limit (80; ; )
   .FreeObj (0; 100; 3; 3)

Unfortunately either routeLimit cannot be used in that context, or I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?

I have managed the same with signals (using the section variable) from what I can tell, but either the routeLimit is only available in trains, or something it not quite right with how I thought it would work.



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