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ReShade Settings and/or Presets for openBVE

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ReShade Settings and/or Presets for openBVE Empty ReShade Settings and/or Presets for openBVE

Post by F313 Sat Aug 05, 2023 9:27 pm

Hey all, 

I'm relatively new to the openBVE scene, and I've just stumbled upon ReShade. I've been fiddling around with it a little, but honestly it's just confusing to me.. 😂 
From what I've seen (on YouTube and the like), it's possible to make openBVE look pretty stunning with the use of shaders and filters and things with ReShade, and I would be very grateful if I could have some advice on which settings are best, or if there's a way you could share a preset with me, that would be fantastic!
(Likewise, if any of you have any route recommendations etc., that would be greatly appreciated as well.)

Many thanks.

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