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BREL/ABB class 465 for openBVE

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BREL/ABB class 465 for openBVE Empty BREL/ABB class 465 for openBVE

Post by SP1900 Mon Oct 03, 2022 9:22 am

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the development team for southern region BVE has disbanded

But I did not want our 2 years of work to go to waste. So I would like to present the release of the BREL/ABB variant of the class 465 for openBVE. Although the external and sounds are finished and the train is fully driveable, the 3D cab remains incomplete and therefore, is used as an exterior cab model for the time being. For the cabview the class 165 cab from the former bve4trains site is used with permission from Steve Thomas.

I hope you like it

Please see the included readme.txt for further information

For any further enquiries about it, please contact me

1992-2010 (Brush) variants:

2009-2021 (Hitachi) variants:

Below is a list of variants included in the pack

BREL/ABB class 465 for openBVE 465liv11

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