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New UI suggestion

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New UI suggestion Empty New UI suggestion

Post by ADbve Mon Nov 01, 2021 6:55 am


i have some mockup for the new ui for openbve. this design based from blender and inkscape ui.

some element is too rounded i think.

this for main menu:
New UI suggestion Mockup10

this for new side tab when ingame:
New UI suggestion Mockup11

for the side tab i have a suggestion for the code what should look like. (this only for .animated files)

states = pantoUP.b3d, pantoDOWN.b3d
position =  0, 0, 0
usetoggle = true

when use toggle command is set, first state set toggle to left, second state set toggle to left.
if use toggle command is not set in animated file it always behave false and toggle option not appear.


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