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Proposal: Package Extension Association

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Proposal: Package Extension Association Empty Proposal: Package Extension Association

Post by zbx1425 Sun Oct 04, 2020 9:34 am

I hope the package management system can support another extension (.obpkg, for example), so that a file extension association can be created when installing OpenBVE, to provide a more convenient experience when installing packages. In that case a player can simply double-click a package to get it installed after retrieving it.

Some players complained that the button to install a package is not in a very straightforward position (quite a few new players don't know that). Also, there is not a way to distinguish a OpenBVE package from a normal archive other than opening it (if not known in advance from a webpage etc.). A friend once told me that "Why would I Start Archive Manager -> Find Package.xml -> Close Archive Manager -> Start OpenBVE -> Click Install Package -> Browse to the ZIP file, when I can just extract them from the Archive Manager at the first place"

I got the idea from the .fb2k-component plugin format of that music player, and I think it would be a much smoother experience if I can double-click on an openbve package file then the pre-installation form automatically pops up.
It does not require much additional work (change Filter in OpenFileDialog, write registry at installation, handle a command line argument), so I think it is a practical idea.

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