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WIP NWM Jan 2019

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WIP NWM Jan 2019 Empty WIP NWM Jan 2019

Post by call2 Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:05 pm

At last I have got the present work in progress Network West Midlands into a reasonable state to be happy enough to release it. I was hoping to release NWM just before Christmas, but I have been so busy with the real world that it just wasn't possible. Not that it mattered however, as there has been some very tasty BVE releases from other developers that will surely please everyone.

This new release, which incidentally should only be downloaded from Bve4Trains - the official site, may not be available for a few days. Steve Thomas will oversee the public downloads.

If you already have a working copy of NWM, please do not just add these new release files to your old NWM version. Rename and save your old version if you want, but put the files into a backup area. Do not mix them with this new revision. This update has mainly been to improve the 2011-2015 era, and I will continue to add more diagrams to this era and improve the scenery to all three eras, so that a May Day 2019 should see another update.

Steve Thomas has a huge amount of driveable locos, emus and dmus, that will keep me busy creating routes for them to run on for some time. I would think that I could double the amount of diagrams that exist at present, so that is what I will be working on doing, in addition to adding to the scenery. There really is scope for a lot more yet. I do not tire of updates to NWM. I hope that you will not tire of driving it!

Because this post is an announcement it is posted in the Announcements section. If you wish to comment on NWM, please do so in the General Topics section. It keeps things tidy. Ta.       Mods: Lock this post

Regards to all the BVE community. Best wishes for 2019.



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