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Breaker Sounds

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Breaker Sounds Empty Breaker Sounds

Post by Delsin Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:56 pm

Again not a pure bug, more like something inherited from BVE2-4 era. There's a possibility to add breaker sounds via sound.cfg using 
On = <sound>.wav
Off = <sound>.wav

It's very handy for many trains, since the line breakers and/or contactors do make specific sounds when switching circuits. Normally, "on" sound is played when traction/dynamic brakes are switched on, and "off" when handle(s) return to 0. However, in openbve these sounds play from the cab view point, not from powered cars (similar to motor sounds), and "off" sound triggering is somewhat messy (when applying power, brake, etc). Documentation said something like "the Off sound plays in many different cases", not clarifying any particular case. Can it be changed to something more logical, like "on" when moving throttle/brake from zero and "off" when setting throttle/brake back to 0 without respect to lever delay? (Since the delay comes from circuits switching to the right state, it'd make sense if the sound plays right when lever is moved.) And can the breaker sounds be reassigned to powered cars instead of inside the cab?

A bit of feature request here, but it'd also make sense if there were separate breaker sounds for power and brake...

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Breaker Sounds Empty Re: Breaker Sounds

Post by leezer3 Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:08 am

First, a summary of when the breaker sounds are currently played from a brief prod in the source code:

On is played once when these conditions are first met:

  • Reverser must be in F or R
  • Power notch set by the safety system must be greater than or equal to 1
  • No brake engaged. (N.B. This includes hold brake. Air brake handles must be in Release)

Off is played once when all conditions above are met, at the same time as On (If specified).
Additionally, it is played once under the following circumstances, or any combination thereof:

  • Reverser returns to N


  • Power notch set by the safety system returns to 0


  • Any new brake application is made. (N.B. If the brakes are already applied, increasing the brake notch does not count)


  • The hold brake is applied

Let me think about the best way to sort out the issues you're raising for a bit. They're all valid, just need them implemented in a backwards compatible way.


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Breaker Sounds Empty Re: Breaker Sounds

Post by Delsin Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:33 pm

Okay, thanks for response  Smile as far as I know, these sounds are used very rarely. All Japanese trains for both bve2/4 and 5 I've ever tested have breaker sounds implemented through either motor sounds or plugin functionality, as for all other trains, I've never seen any using this feature. So if you won't figure out how to preserve backward compatibility, maybe it'll be reasonable to add [BreakerPower] and [BreakerBrake] which work as I've described and leave [Breaker] as it is, just relocated from cab to powered cars?

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Breaker Sounds Empty Re: Breaker Sounds

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