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Midland suburban line by mobile1

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Midland suburban line by mobile1 Empty Midland suburban line by mobile1

Post by Dexter Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:33 am

mobile1 wrote:The new route has been uploaded to my web site, ( , let me know of any problems...

Please read the credits, a couple of people have helped me with the anim coding so i think they richly deserve a mention.

This route ( Cricklewood yard to Temple Mills yard ) uses the 2up goods line that ran from Silkstream Junction to West Hampstead Station on the Midland Main Line, it then crosses the up & down running lines taking the wrong line at Kentish Town north tunnel rejoining the down Barking branch line at the end of the tunnel. Upon reaching South Tottenham Station it then branches of to Coppermill Junction and then to Temple Mills.

Temple Mills was at one time one of the largest marshalling yards in Europe, to model this for openbve would be an impossible task so i have had to reduce the size considerably...

The signalling delays are deliberate, trying to show the priority to passenger traffic over goods traffic in those days..

At the stop sign at Temple Mills, watch out for the calling on shunter...

All of my routes ( including the Midland main line ) will be, in future , hosted on Bve Terminus, as soon as practically possible....mobile1

Just quoted the post here to make sure nobody misses out on it. Smile

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