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Greetings from Hong Kong. Empty Greetings from Hong Kong.

Post by OmegaZeroKiller on Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:07 pm

Greetings everyone.

I'm OmegaZeroKiller, one of the admins from the Hong Kong Railway Simulation Centre. I have discovered this site while researching for new codes we can potentially utilise in developing new routes.

A bit about the organisation first:
Originally established in 2013 to rival the then-thriving STOHK, another openBVE development group, we are a group of openBVE developers with all of our members in senior secondary or tertiary education.
Our purpose have expanded from solely developing to preserving existing files from defunct developer sites when major BVE developers in Hong Kong went defunct and their official download portals vanished. With great effort we managed to reestablish contact with these developers; not only did we gain approval to re-release their previous work, but also the copyright license to use their files in our own developing process on the condition of acknowledgement in the route files.
Currently we have contact with most if not all of Hong Kong's BVE developers, and in case there are any inquiries, we can function as a point of establishment.

Currently we have:
1. Refurbished and recreated historic versions of the existing MTR urban lines route files, and with the opening of new extensions, released patch files to add support; we are also working on creating new routes, and will continue overhauling old routes and trains
2. Created from scratch new Hong Kong routes with ATO plugin support; currently our major work-in-progress is the South Island Line
3. Overhauled existing openBVE trains from Hong Kong (along with two from Japan) with new texture and OS ATS plugin support/ATO plugin capabilities for ATO-supported variants; some trains have their 3D cab upgraded with functional TIMS capabilities.
4. Built a full set of Hong Kong trams (Release pending)
5. Built new openBVE trains for selected Tokyo Metro routes from practically scratch with functional 3D cab and full ATS plugin support; updated route files are planned to patch in ATS plugin support for select old routes

There are more development activities than the listed, so please stay tuned. And in case anyone wonders, our group runs as an anarchy, with me specialising in adding plugin support for existing files and establishing contact with other HK developers.

About myself:
Since being a kid I have always had a strong interest in railway transportation, a hobby that persisted into now. Having played Densha De Go as my childhood past-time, and discovered BVE in 2008, I have started playing openBVE and BVE4 until 2011 when I have begin developing for openBVE by upgrading texture of existing work (small step into development).
I was recruited into HKRSC in 2013 as the 'texture guy'/texture modifier until 2015 when I finally mastered basic object building, and expanded my role into overhauling certain openBVE routes and trains.
My first major work worth mentioning would be the openBVE Japan National Railway Yamanote Line 103 Series, when I completely overhauled an outdated train with a fellow admin into something presentable; we removed the old interior, remodeled the hollow shell with high-definition texture (taken by me during a trip as an exchange student), and rebuilt a new interior from scratch with another batch of high-definition texture (also taken by me during another trip).
This experience served as a turning point for me, as I gained significant experience with object building, and later on built from scratch my first train, complete with 3D interior and a fully functional 3D cab; the exterior shell is loosely based on a single-sided hollow train object which I have heavily modified over months of development, while the interior is built from scratch on my own, and the plugin support with months of trial and error.
Currently I am finalizing development of the Tokyo Metro 01 Series EMU for a planned public release on 10/03/2017 when the real one runs its last run, along with various projects I am working on in with other admins of the organisation.

In order to find our page, please search '香港模擬鐵路發展中心HKRSC' on Facebook. Our page is run in Cantonese, but if necessary we are also capable of communicating in English, Mandarin and with limited capability, Japanese. Links to public releases are on the stick post, and it will be constantly updated when we release new files (some old files are being repacked so it may be missing from the sticky post)

I am looking forward to my stay here and exchange opinions with other fellow developers, and if anyone have time, please feel free to browse and download our work.

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