Convert BVE 2 to BVE 5 routes

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Convert BVE 2 to BVE 5 routes Empty Convert BVE 2 to BVE 5 routes

Post by jorgecerezo on Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:09 pm


I'm testing the latest BVE 5 version with Vista and I'm having problems with the route converter tool. I want to convert the BVE 2 Uchibo route to the new BVE 5 format. The converter doesn't show any error messages after the conversion is done, however, when I load the route BVE 5 shows errors with the following files: Map.txt and Stations.csv.
BVE 5 allows to run the route despite the errors but as a result I can't depart the train.

Has anyone converted a BVE 2 route successfully?




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Convert BVE 2 to BVE 5 routes Empty Re: Convert BVE 2 to BVE 5 routes

Post by phontanka on Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:34 pm

I have. My experience showed that the more basic the route's structure is the higher the chance is to get something playable. I mean if the objects are mostly just freeobjects that's good. Using .Pole, .Dike, .Form, etc is not good.

And seemingly a MeshBuilder section should only have one face command to work with this converter. Which is far from being optimal because we usually create several faces within one MeshBuilder section to optimize objects.

Actually, I think the converter needs a lot more work to function properly. But if you are patient you can alter a BVE route to convert perfectly.

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