Minature Railway's and Park Rides...

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Minature Railway's and Park Rides...

Post by alex_farlie on Sat May 17, 2014 4:10 am


Buried in my archives, I found some 1m track I'd made for various sub 60cm guages..

However,  for the track objects to be usable they need to be coupled with other objects, and at present there are no other object with which a set of miniature tracks could be used.

Also I seem to have at some point taken a preservation of an OpenBVE2 tech preview  that was made, and which would had it been contnued have vastly improved the OpenBVE engine, If anyone is interestedm I can try and dig out the source code I have archived.

I would be VERY  interested in speaking with anyone that is willing to consider helping develop a fork of the OpenBVE simulator for building 'park rides', as the only other simulator that can do this is RCT3 which is ageing rapidly.

OpenBVE can just about do miniature railways... I say just because you have to push some settings to the limits, and as yet there is no 3D external stock for such things.  To do 'park-rides' would require some aspects of the Tech preview to be fed back into the core simulator.

I would like to see a park rides simulator, so is there a programmer here that is willing to look at OpenBVE and push the engine to it's limits?

(I am saying park rides rather than roller coasters, because Open BVE certainly can't do roller coasters.)

I even had in mind the idea of a ride called the 'Forbidden Forest' which could (apart from some specialist scenery) be largely built using the talents of existing route and object developers.

The specialist side would need a different ATS plugin written in C# to serve as the rides control system. Again any takers?


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