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Vectron locomotives for BVE

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Vectron locomotives for BVE Empty Vectron locomotives for BVE

Post by fcancalon Sun May 02, 2021 5:06 pm

You will find here:

a complete collection of Vectron locomotives which have been developed by Rave and Rodry Origel (thanks to both !).

Those Vectron locomotive are standard 5.2-6.4 MW electric passenger/freight locomotives that can be seen on many European networks (more details here:

The included models (10 Mo per locomotive) are:

- Vectron MS for the Polish Lotos Operator 
Vectron locomotives for BVE Vectron-193-807-1

- Vectron DC for the German operator DB Schenker
Vectron locomotives for BVE Vectron-5-170-044-9

- Vectron MS for the Swiss Operator SBB Cargo (can be seen on the Gothard route)
Vectron locomotives for BVE Vectron-193-462

- Vectron MS for the Austrian operator OeBB
Vectron locomotives for BVE Vectron-1293-001

- Vectron MS for the Polish operator PKP Cargo
Vectron locomotives for BVE Vectron-eu46-502

Now, how to build a superb freight train, with a collection of wagons behind the locomotive?

1. Download freight wagons. You will find a lot:
- here: (Thanks again Rave !)
Vectron locomotives for BVE Freight_eaos_pack1 Vectron locomotives for BVE Freight_kgns_pack Vectron locomotives for BVE Freight_zaes_pack
- or here: (Thanks Hervé Duliscouët !)
Vectron locomotives for BVE Citerne Vectron locomotives for BVE Bache Vectron locomotives for BVE Ciment Vectron locomotives for BVE Ridelle Vectron locomotives for BVE Gaz Vectron locomotives for BVE Cereales

2. Follow the methodology as indicated by Rave here: It is not complicated and you can multiply the train consists on your routes (as a matter of fact, the methodology is the same for freight or passenger trains)...


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Vectron locomotives for BVE Empty Re: Vectron locomotives for BVE

Post by Quork Mon May 03, 2021 1:35 pm

Oh wow, that is looking good at first glance!

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