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Track Follow Object

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Track Follow Object Empty Track Follow Object

Post by JDReskins Tue Apr 20, 2021 9:06 pm

I have been trying to do some experimentation with Track Follow Object and get some more interesting AI trains on routes but I can't get it to work. 
I have been writing the XML file (I don't know if it works) but when I use the command:
I just get the error: 
The command Route.TfoXML is not supported
I will point out I do have a file called 1H07_TFO_2J62.xml which not finished but I thought if it had errors in that then those would appear as opposed to the error I do get. 
I have been looking at previous posts on the Track follow Object but none of them have had the problem. From what I have read on these posts I believe I am using the right command but I may have missed something. 
Any help will be much appreciated.


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