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Class 450 3D cab

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Class  450 3D cab Empty Class 450 3D cab

Post by mrknowitall Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:09 pm

The new site has now got a new download! We Have now just uploaded the 450 3D cab v1.0.

Click our link at the bottom of this post, click downloads and then click the picture for download to start! And enjoy! Any problems PM me


Please note that this 3D cab isn’t finished yet, and various details are missing. Major issues in this initial release:

* Wiper animation is inadequate, and wiper control knob isn’t implemented yet
* Raindrop effects aren't implemented yet
* HeadlightHave been added, and can be toggled by number 5 on your keypad
* No details added to the rear of the cab behind the driver
* The seats are comprised of only temporary meshes.
* Driver blind has been implimented and can be toggled by number 4
* The power handle,Sunflower and DRA will not show if engine is off, this is known.
* The brake gauge is still been worked on and may sometimes show no presure, this is being worked on
* Some sarcasm has been added to the in cab safety labels, we accept any giggles which may
Occur upon reading

More updates will follow later.


We would like to thank Anthony bowden for a superb cab of the 323 which we have worked from
and without him, the 350 and 450 3d cab would not be here today! Thankyou!


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