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Class 321 EMU Pack2.0

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Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 Empty Class 321 EMU Pack2.0

Post by Rakago Mon Aug 23, 2021 4:02 pm

After 3 months of development, it's finished! The Class 321 EMU pack version 2.0 for openBVE is available now at Southern Region BVE website.

Made by RakagoBVE (me), NSE_465, SP1900, HST Gaming, Anthony Nosoff, Stephen Cross, Martyn Read, Adam Lucas, C377 & SmoIchopper.

A more detailed list of credits can be found inside the train's files. Very Happy

Some screenshots:

Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 8KmnbTUIRgzP9RCZgFZeQ2Lk4lx6gaNaZxJt3Z0hxlwfOU9x36dZW3cn2t3-h54t1m-AD9OiigXSsqEMuW0Imwo=w16383
Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 Wr8reGuEq-T06OlLgcmDJH0UYpX-ovqm3vF_tzzXPE5HErc-i19gcCI5p1PKa9WVDk9rAaWylB5FhZSuyUD5TdI=w16383
Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 FFDjePbE_x5QYDEKyddZ8MEzudSOpRLhGjDQjZmRBSmm4e598VImFhjt7KsYvNuqZRY0RAZlWNospj8Li8ri9Yw=w16383
Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 V-DTMyqqf5OJ2Uwev8CmSK6562ZF--u9GCeiSMyyV93NdLdda25gAPaC6ssfLxmfhLBMl_thBwo4Sei8cbgAJRE=w16383
Class 321 EMU Pack2.0 SFHbIm3wz_9a0OdNNkFo3wlmy6n1PdU5eW1UTOiW0UPZqjlgnplFIVCYiyr0KgorpjstyLfJBePHPao_Hrs2D1o=w16383

Hope you have as much fun as I did making this train!
Regards. Smile

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