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Lifting others work into a new project

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Lifting others work into a new project Empty Lifting others work into a new project

Post by Greater Anglia Metro Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:37 pm

Hi all

Ive just had a drive of a recently released London Underground route, and it has become apparent that the train contains various sounds that were directly copied from work that I released some years ago.

I understand that many of us who used to be developing are no longer around, however I was wondering what the remaining members of the community think about this.

Are old works, such as my own, now considered orphaned? Or do the "old rules" still apply?

There was no credit in the add-on that I could seeĀ 

Thanks all
Greater Anglia Metro
Greater Anglia Metro

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Lifting others work into a new project Empty Re: Lifting others work into a new project

Post by leezer3 Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:31 pm

I think this can be considered a reasonably official statement:

The moderators of this community (and hopefully the community in general) do not support re-use or re-posting without specific permissions / credits as required.

We would ask that all users respect copyright / permissions, even in the case of 'orphaned' works.
In many cases, the original authors are happy for these to be re-posted and used, but others are not.
Please *do not* do this without permission.

Unfortunately however, it's *very* hard for us to control and enforce this even here on this board- We didn't create most of this stuff, and it's often very hard to tell what's come from where.
If something is posted here, and an issue of this nature is reported to us, then we can take appropriate action.

With that being said, we have no control over external websites or communities, and whilst we can offer help / support if you choose to pursue this elsewhere we cannot do this directly.

As a final, personal note:

Take a step back, and consider before you take any action.

Only you can decide what you 'require' and what you wish to do about this, and whether pursuing the takedown course is the right one.

I'm now going to lock this thread before it turns into a mess.


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