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Object Viewer high GPU Usage

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Object Viewer high GPU Usage Empty Object Viewer high GPU Usage

Post by LXQt Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:06 am

I have an GTX 650 Ti BOOST, running on Windows 10 1909. Whenever I open it even without an object loaded, when I move around with a small window(not full screen, just the original window size once the object viewer launches), my gpu would go up to 30-50% due to the Object Viewer. Both on and the latest nightly build. It became way worse when I full screen it(or pass a certain resolution). Not moving at all without object loaded on full screen will go up to 30-32%, once I moved around, it goes to 100% with only 1-2 fps on the Object Viewer. This applies with or without the object being loaded.Object Viewer high GPU Usage YWGybx8


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