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Generating Interest/user base?

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Post by graymac Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:47 am

It's general experience with open source projects. OpenBVE isn't the only one I'm looking into, actually I run a few myself and I even get paid for doing so.

As the old song goes, "Nice work if you can get it . . . . ."
I'm in agreement with Dexter's comments (above). As I read the current situation, those few of us who are still actively producing material may manage to do a little promotion of their own material on social media. Celtictrainsim has a good Facebook presence and a good google search engine ranking. It would be nice if the users  spread the word a bit wider, though I still see the biggest problem to be insufficient availability of top quality routes. Something I have been wittering on about for the past eight years at least, for all the difference it has made. And I haven't been paid a penny for any of the 300+ km of route(s) I've produced since 2010 - and that represents months of work.
Perhaps the word "marketing" , aimed at creative people, is like showing a red rag to a bull.
Personally, I despise "marketing men" and "suits". However, if any savvy enthusiasts want to promote the program or its material to a wider audience, out of gratitude for the freeware generously provided, then let their actions speak for them.
Any volunteers?  Very Happy Very Happy

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