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Incorrect figures in openBVE

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Incorrect figures in openBVE  Empty Incorrect figures in openBVE

Post by Dexter Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:09 am

I suspect that the total number of faces is being shown incorrectly in openBVE. At least when I compare it to Route Viewer - the figures in route viewer make more sense to me. Please see the comparison of figures in the same situation below. I would understand if openBVE only shows the faces loaded / drawn at a particular moment, but even in that situation the value is very low for what I am testing.
Incorrect figures in openBVE  With3d12

Route Viewer
Incorrect figures in openBVE  With3d13

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Incorrect figures in openBVE  Empty Re: Incorrect figures in openBVE

Post by leezer3 Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:28 am

Interesting Smile
Two things at play here:

  1. Route Viewer is using a different (much lower) object optimization threshold. I presume this was intended to speed up loading, whereas the much higher number in openBVE is to get the best possible FPS.
  2. Route Viewer handles transparencies a little differently, which may cause a higher count here in some cases.

I can expose the object optimization thresholds in the options dialog Route Viewer if you want, but both sets of numbers are 'right' ; it's just that the main program has done a bunch more optimization. (Remember that in renderer terms, a face is *not* a Face command in your object, but rather a complete MeshBuilder , along with any compatible MeshBuilders the optimization process can combine into one)


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