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BVETMD Links Anyone At All?

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BVETMD Links Anyone At All? Empty BVETMD Links Anyone At All?

Post by TheNetworkerLover Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:19 pm

does anyone have most of BVETMD's trains at all. anyone? if you do...

please just post them here or PM me. because im sure someone does but theyre keeping quiet. i may be mistaken but id better be safe than sorry.
thank you people!  Smile Smile Smile

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BVETMD Links Anyone At All? Empty Re: BVETMD Links Anyone At All?

Post by leezer3 Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:57 pm

Locking this.

There will hopefully be developments in the other thread shortly.

Please don't post requesting links from 'vanished' sites.
This is disrespectful to the original authors, who may well have had good reason to close the site and / or remove items.

Whilst we as a forum team cannot control the private sharing of links to 'vanished' content, we would ask that you respect the rights of the original authors, and that if you wish to acquire a copy of something from a site which is no longer with us, you deal with the author or his / her representatives privately.



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