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BVE simulation controls Windows 10

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BVE simulation controls Windows 10 Empty BVE simulation controls Windows 10

Post by Terrence1946 Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:20 am

Temporarily, I am using a laptop Windows 10 and having problems using the function keys.  On Windows 7 I have a separate key for delete and insert functions so I can cancel DRA and AWS respectively.  On the Windows 10 keyboard, I can cancel DRA with the delete key but I cannot find the insert key to cancel AWS. Other functions don't seem to work on Windows 10 either.  Is there a separate function keys table for Windows 10.

Further to the above, I should have pointed out that the keyboard is on ASUS laptop where the insert key has been replaced by the power button and "insert" is in small letters on the "delete" button.  Really this has nothing to do with Windows 10 but keyboard functions on ASUS laptop.  However, I still cannot stop or cancel AWS.


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