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Request. Empty Request.

Post by SysVR Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:24 pm

floating-point number:Options.UnitOfLength based Route.Elevation

0:The height is based on the rail.
-1:height not Change.

Support Command.

Consider the following definition:
Track.RailStart 0;;0
Track.FreeObj RailIndex; FreeObjStructureIndex; X; Y; Yaw; Pitch; Roll;Height
Track.FreeObj 0;0;;;;;;-1

If the same group does not exist before
[Track.FreeObj 0;0;;;;;;-1] -1 is recognized as 0.
*Even when the value in the Y direction exists, [Height] is applied with priority.

#Please Support Gif Animation file, Avi(UtVideo Codec onry)

LossLess Video Benchmark.

UtVideo Codec [GPLv2] Supported LossLess RGBA

640x360 1115 Frame.

uncompressed 980MB
Huffyuv(YUV422) 203MB
Ut Video 156MB

#Rack Railway
Since it moves by using gears, the adhesion rate is infinite.

#To be traveling on the other line (to use a random event)

#Specify the distance to discard objects

#Read all objects into memory

#4GB memory tuning
work D&D





#Forcibly deform the rail object
(Prevent the rail from protruding with curves etc.)
Combine the vertices of the proximal rail object

#To enable animation of rail objects.

#Object transparency

#Shadow movement range by time

#Set the position of the game window to the position at the time of the previous termination.


#Data logger (Replay and Evaluation of driving at that time)

#Data player (Replay Viewer)

#Data renderer (make video file)

#In order to be able to load files with D & D with developer tools (Route Viewer, Object Viewer etc.).
#Monitor the file update date and automatically reload it.


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Request. Empty Re: Request.

Post by SysVR Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:32 pm

#Switching trains at stops (used for driving after consolidation)


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