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Changes in our team

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Changes in our team Empty Changes in our team

Post by Dexter Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:10 pm

Hello everyone,
some of you might have noticed we have got two new Moderators in Quork and Leezer3. Contrary to that, Johnsinden and Spara have been made regular users. There is nothing wrong with any of the two former moderators, I was just feeling we need a stronger presence of the team in the forums. As I have noticed, both Quork and Leezer are present very often and they are always ready to help, which is a welcome bonus feature. Smile  Northern Line remains in his position. I think 3 moderators is just about enough unless the forum starts growing bigger. We do not need to have more admins / mods than active regular users, do we? Laughing

Based on the above written, I will from now on leave the discussion moderation to our moderators and I will focus on bringing in some new features, with the route archive being one of them. I think some of the older routes deserve to not be entirely extinct. We will see how many approvals we can get. Check out the general discussion to find out more.


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