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In the interest of the Central Line Demo

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In the interest of the Central Line Demo Empty In the interest of the Central Line Demo

Post by Ad1992 Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:00 pm

Something has just occurred to me today. Someone on this forum a while ago, and someone on youtube have both mentioned that the plugin failed to load the day after. Yet the night before it was working perfectly.

There are two reasons why the plugin will not load:

1 Lack of RAM as stated in driving manual

2 It has recently become clear to me now that antivirus software can and will remove the Westinghouseatp.dll file from your computer. It may be advisable to set your entire bve folder as exempt from such actions.

I hope this helps anyone that may be having problems.

I put this in announcements because I wanted people to see this asap, in case they are having problems.

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