Pitch==> Height formula?

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Pitch==> Height formula?

Post by leezer3 on Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:44 pm

As per the title, would anyone happen to have a pitch==> height formula off the top of their heads?
I can probably sit down and figure it out, but algebra gives me a headache when someone else has done it previously Razz 

I've got the developer's calculator that was kicking around a few years back, but that's only got gradient==> pitch, not pitch==> height Smile


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Re: Pitch==> Height formula?

Post by Quork on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:21 pm

I'm not sure what you want to calculate. This one? "A track is pitched by 3 degrees upward and is 100m long. How much higher is the end than the beginning?"? If so:

sin(pitch) = height/length
height = sin(pitch)*length

Mind it's the track length, not the base length ("air distance"). I'm not sure what OpenBVE treats as distances; the real length or the base length. If it's base length, you need tangens instead of sinus. However in the gradient regions railways usually operate in the difference is of purely theoretical nature, sin and tan have a marginal difference for low values.

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