Compiling OpenBve

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Compiling OpenBve

Post by tckosvic on Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:39 pm

I am trying to compile my own copy of OpenBve.  First I want to compile the original source code.  Secondly, I want to then make changes as needed.
I am having a problem compiling the source code that I found at the main download site.  There are directories in the source code that are called OldCode and OldParsers.
The OldCode contains a program.cs file with a main definition.  In another directory (system) there is another program.cs file.
I am not sure whether I have a complete or garbled set or source code files.

Has anyone actually compiled OpenBve from the source code?  What files have they used? Do they have a compiler commandline string that they used to compile?  What was their list of source code directories/files?
Any other advice.

I have the executible OpenBve.exe that seems to run fine but in order to understand the code I want to compile a duplicate executable.  I am running most routes fine in linux using mono and the downloaded executable file.

To try compiling, I am using linux (mono and monodevelop) and I also have windows visual studio 2012 and can't get a compilation with either but I think the reason is there is a conflicting set or not a complete set of source code files.


Tom Kosvic


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Re: Compiling OpenBve

Post by LabRatAndy on Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:25 pm

It has the old code and old parser as the program was in the process of being rewritten. With the parsers being moved to plugins similar to how the textures and sounds already are. But that's unlikely to happen any time soon as the major developer left the project over a year ago.
I've just looked at my copy of the source it does indeed have 2 program.cs files, which doesn't surprise me really; as overall its written in a style that for me is very difficult to follow.  However I've never tried to compile it but it was developed using sharpdevelop if that's any help with your problem

I've just had another look and if you check the program.cs in the old code folder,  at the very top it says "Do not compile". So it looks like this code is redundant.

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