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Announcement with route editor Empty Announcement with route editor

Post by didi on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:06 pm

I want to put in annoucements for the openbve bakerloo-line for my own.
I got how to let them statt before the station( "The next station is..")
But i do not know how to let them start whe you are standing at the station and you open the door and then the announcement starts
What have i done wrong??

; Lambeth North station,
850, .wallend 0, .railtype 0;7, .freeobj 0;29,
.Sta Lambeth North 1202;12.0200;12.0215;;1;0;;;15;40;;bakerloo\lambn_this.wav;10;5,.Beacon 23;0;0;1,
875, .freeobj 0;29,


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Announcement with route editor Empty Re: Announcement with route editor

Post by tof63 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:08 pm

If you wont the sound is played on arrival:
.Sta Lambeth North 1202;12.0200;12.0215;;1;0;;bakerloo\lambn_this.wav;15;40;;0,.Beacon 23;0;0;1,

If you wont the sound is played just before door closing time:
.Sta Lambeth North 1202;12.0200;12.0215;;1;0;;;15;40;bakerloo\lambn_this.wav;0,.Beacon 23;0;0;1,

Explanations here:

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